Lead System R Us FAQs

Q: What is a Traffic Exchange?

A: A Traffic exchange is where you view other people’s sites in exchange for credits. Then you can use those credits for views to your site.

Q: Where do I find the games?

A: When you surf in the site to view pages, the games will show up as you are surfing.

Q: How long does it take to get my upgrade?

A: It could take up to 3 business days to get your Solid Trust Pay account funded.

Q: Having trouble viewing the training videos?

A: You must be logging in with a desktop computer or laptop. Parts of our site are mobile friendly, but some are not. If you are having problems viewing the videos be sure to use a laptop or desktop computer.

Q: What is the best browser to use when viewing Lead System R Us?

A: Firefox is the best browser to use with lead system r us.

Q: Do I have to verify my email account?

A: Yes, use your best email as you will need to verify before you can login to your account.

Q: Is Lead System A Traffic Exchange?

A: Yes, we are a traffic exchange with loads of extras and we offer a complete and exclusive training.

Q: How do I earn money at Lead System R Us?

A: You can earn money by promoting your affiliate URL and referring others to our site. We offer commissions for different levels of memberships. Plus, you can earn commissions on upgrades and one time offers that your referrals purchase.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts at Lead System R Us?

A: No, you can only have one account.

Q: Can I put any site on this traffic exchange?

A: No, as a general rule it must be G rated or family friendly. We also do not allow links to any adult types of sites either.  No nudity, no swearing no offensive content, no slander. Please check our terms and conditions for additional information.

Q: What if I run out of credits?

A: You have a few options, you can surf to earn more credits, or you can simply buy credits. To buy credits go to the ads section from the top menu bar. Scroll down to “buy credits”. Or if you were looking for a better deal you can upgrade your account level and you will get credits in the paid packages.

Q: What is the “report site” link?

A: This is in place, to keep our exchange running smooth and clean. If you are surfing, and you see a site that violates our policies or is not working than you can click the link and we will be notified so that we can handle the matter.

Q: Can we SPAM people to promote Lead Systems R Us?

A: NO, we have a strict SPAM policy and if you are reported for SPAMING we will terminate your account. We will not tolerate any spam.

Q: Where is my referral link?

A: Your referral link is under the tab affiliate toolbox. You will want to advertise your link to get referrals.

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